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You can purchase the book with sheet music, so you can sing the songs on the album MISST.EU.
Ideal for choirs or small vocal ensemble looking for a new and interesting repertoire!

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Book of sheet music: € 30 + Shipment
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MISST – Sur l’eau

In the run-up to releasing their debut album, Belgian band MISST released their third single: Sur l’eau on June 4th 2021.

Sur l’eau is the catchy third single of the Vocal formation MISST. Through call and response it tells the absurd tale of the chicken of Colin. Beautiful voices, snappy beats, a metamorphosis of a traditional song into a cheerful folk-pop version.

MISST – Vor í Vaglaskógi

MissT Vor í Vaglaskógi

Listen to MISST’s first single Vor í Vaglaskógi:

Vor í Vaglaskógi is a wonderful testimony about the forest of Vaglaskógi, Iceland. It talks about the growing of beautiful birch trees in spring. After you’ve visited this magical place, your dreams come true. The Belgian band MISST heard versions of this song by Icelandic singers, and they fell in love with the beautiful atmosphere of the melody and language. Hearing MISST’s version, with its strong emphasis on vocal harmonies, makes you dream of this silent forest. It announces spring, a better, peaceful and maybe even magical time…

MissT Vor í Vaglaskógi
MISST released it’s first single Vor í Vaglaskógi in anticipation of their debut album which will be released in April 2021.

Music by: Jónas Jónasson
Lyrics by: Kristján frá Djúpalæk