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Listen to MISST’s third single Sur l’eau! Click here: https://fanlink.to/surleaumisst

MISST’s debut album MISST.EU was just released, listen to it online or order it from your favorite record store!


Early summer 2016, 5 singers gathered to try their hand at a capella singing. Thus, MISST was born: 4 Misses and 1 MISSTer singing somewhat forgotten folksongs from all over this world.
You should compare us with a fine bottle of ‘Brut Champagne’: sparkling, honest, titillating, natural and exquisite.
While performing on the ‘Busker Festival’ in Ferrara (Italy) representing Flanders, a new idea grew… A project that focuses on European dialects, in which we remain loyal to our vocal, harmonic roots, but bring in some musicians as well to create a contrast between the traditional and the modern, to prove that that traditions are not outdated.

Today MISST is thriving and performing in 2 setups: one acoustic and one full-band, depending on the occasion.We hope to see you soon on one of our next gigs!

The first single Vor í Vaglaskógi was released on January the 13th 2021, you can listen to it through this link: https://fanlink.to/misstvorivaglaskogi. The second single ‘Het Neerhof’ on March the 12th. Sur l’eau, the third single, was released on June the 4th. On June the 18th 2021 MISST released their debut album: MISST.EU!

Elly Aerden: voice www.eleonor.be
Jan Van Rossem: voice & guitar www.jan-van-rossem.be
Liesbet Van Reeth: voice
Linde Van Puyenbroeck: voice
Eva Moens: voice



The group MISST originated as an acapella-formation in 2017, as the Flemish deputy of an international Ferrara-busker-festival in Italy (at the end of august). Meanwhile evolved to a quality ensemble, they developed a program filled with rich musical traditions of an infinite Europe. With a lot of enthusiasm and finesse, they turned traditional music into …

MISST – Sur l’eau

In the run-up to releasing their debut album, Belgian band MISST released their third single: Sur l’eau on June 4th 2021. Sur l’eau is the catchy third single of the Vocal formation MISST. Through call and response it tells the absurd tale of the chicken of Colin. Beautiful voices, snappy beats, a metamorphosis of a …

MISST – Het Neerhof

We released the second single by MISST – Het Neerhof on March the 12th. You can now listen to our song on the following platforms:SpotifyDeezerApple MusicYouTubeAmazon Music


Here you’ll find more information about our upcoming concerts

GC Het Koetshuis, Roosdaal – 18 June 2021*
GC De Kluize, Oosterzele – 19 June 2021*
Les Goûts de Gand, Gent – 20 June 2021*
CC Kruispunt, Diksmuide – 6 July 2021*
Zilleghem Folk, Loppem – 22 July 2021
KAS, Kapellen – 25 July 2021*
De Notelaar, Malle – 20 August 2021*
CC Belgica, Dendermonde – 21 August 2021*
Sfinks Festival, Boechout – 26 August 2021

More concerts soon to be announced!

*Met ondersteuning van de Vlaamse Overheid